Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Cattleya Hybrid Orchid"

Magenta and pink "Cattleya Hybrid Orchid" 4 1/2x11 watercolor and ink on paper.

Living in Hawaii,I have many orchids in my yard.

About 30 orchid plants sit on display in front of a house across the street from the Post Office in Pahoa, Hawaii. You can purchase them for $2. ea.!! You pick out the ones you want and put your money in a regular white envelope that is thumb tacked to the side of their house. Until recently a little old woman lived there. She passed away right before Christmas. One day we got a wrong number, who called twice. My husband wound up talking to the woman on the other end who had misdialed the call for a half hour! It turned out she was in distress about the woman who lived across from the Post Office who had 'just passed'. They decided to still sell orchids there in her honor. So if you ever visit Big Island be sure to check out the orchids in Pahoa. I am sure that the little old lady will be watching.

Wow... only in Hawaii!